Testimonials From Parents

“Frank possesses a rare combination of skills that span many areas and has an infectious, positive outlook that touches those around him.”

 ~ Michael F.

“Frank is a master facilitator. He has the incredible gift of lighting up a room with his presence, enthusiasm and powerful delivery, while also demonstrating to his audience that he truly cares about them. He gives 110% to everything he does, going the extra mile and always providing excellent service and communications, and top quality presentations.” ~ Margalit W.

Testimonials From Students

“Frank is someone I call my mentor and big brother…he has taken time to guide me in aspects of my life and never gave up on me. ” ~ Destiny N.

“When I remember my freshman year of high school, Frank Vitale comes to mind. Not only was he a fun teacher, but he saw the best in his students before we saw it ourselves. Frank Vitale is one of the people who changed my life forever—after all this time, I still hold on to his teachings and appreciate his willingness to help youth achieve their dreams for the future. ” ~ Claudia G.

Testimonials From Educators

“Frank’s dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to the work he does is exceptional. He has a wonderful ability to reach out and connect with young people in a way that brings out the best in them. Frank is kind, compassionate, engaging, talented and gives 100% of himself to his work.” ~ Christie B., School Counselor

“Frank brings a ton of skills to the table, including speaking, organization, leadership, planning, and curriculum development. However, he does these with an incredible level of passion, compassion, and thoughtfulness. His ability to quickly earn respect from students is only paralleled by his ability to do the same with adults. He commands crowds large and small with expertise and it is clear that every step in his plan is incredibly well-prepared. It truly has been a pleasure both personally and professionally working with Frank Vitale.” ~ Jeff A., Teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District

“As a social justice educator, impacting students’ lives and empowering them is—or should be—one of the chief goals of any formal high school education, particularly on behalf of students living in our impoverished inner cities. As a faculty member of a small school located in Watts, CA, I participated, along with other teachers and our entire school population (in 2 cohorts), in a program facilitated by Frank Vitale. Frank was able to reach out to our students in a skillful way and he encouraged all of them to get outside their ‘comfort zone’ (easier said than done). Not only was this accomplished as an aspect of empowering students with interpersonal skills, leadership skills, character building exercises, etc., but the entire experience culminated in a safe, caring sharing of personal pain and stories that the students really embraced and were forever impacted by. Frank truly made a difference in the lives of my former students. To me, that is evidence that he perceives his work as a calling versus a mere career.” ~ Susan S., Teacher

“Frank truly goes above and beyond expectations. His passion for students and facilitating events are clear and his creative talents really shine through the details, no matter how big or small. His foresight and expertise allow for seamless execution and he is always able to stay calm and shine in any situation. You would be fortunate to have Frank on your team.” ~ Rich C., Coordinator, LAUSD

“The qualities that really made a impact on my impression of Frank were his enthusiasm, confidence, poise, ability to articulate the needs of the larger group, and his high level of positive energy and optimism. What I most appreciated in those moments that I experienced Frank with his students and team was his ability to raise the level of excitement and their belief in success. The atmosphere was charged up with possibility and power! His comfortable leadership style, his clarity and strength in communication, and his obvious caring attitude all exemplify an individual who is unstoppable. I highly recommend Frank for any role in the capacity of leadership, peer/educator leadership, personal development as well as educating young people including college-level students.” ~ Lórien E., Teacher‬

“One could not find a more dedicated, conscientious individual. Frank’s dedication to helping young people is truly a blessing to the community, for he changes lives. As an instructor, innovator, creative thinker, and project manager, he excels in all areas. When it comes to helping young people become as successful as possible, Frank demonstrates a desire to go above and beyond.” ~ Timm M., Assistant Principal

“Frank is the most enthusiastic person I have ever met! His work with students is sincere and focused on providing success. As a Program Director with the EduCare Foundation, Frank provided students the tools to manage their own lives, personally and professionally, through a vast array of activities and lessons designed to elicit thoughtful and honest participation. Frank always places high value on providing authentic presentations, interactions and connections with both students and adults.”~ Jose Luis Barzaga, Assistant Principal

Testimonials From Non-Profits

“Frank’s commitment, caring, enthusiasm and dedication to youth is a true gift.” 
~ Candace Semigran,
Board Member for Insight Seminars and EduCare Foundation

“Frank is very gifted in his ability to connect with people in schools and especially with students in middle and high school. He turned around the lives of many students I have seen him connect with in Los Angeles Schools. He’s a great guy too.”~ Ford Roosevelt, President & CEO at Project GRAD, Los Angeles

“I had the pleasure of working with Frank for 10 years in a number of Teen Insight Seminars in which he helped lead and coordinate. Frank is a gifted facilitator and brought his talents to many seminars as he lead various processes, supported the teen participants with how to make better life choices, and shared his loving and enthusiasm throughout. He is loved and respected across the board by the teens who participate. ~ Rachael Jayne, Vice President of Operations, Insight Seminars

“Frank facilitated a series of workshops for our after-school program. He was on point, inspirational, and helped participants to develop a sense of purpose, leadership, and empathy. His interactions with the youth were creative, engaging, and yielded important lessons and prompts/questions for them to consider as they completed the training and reentered their lives.” ~ Marco D.

“Frank Vitale is a vibrant, loving, caring, heart-centered and devoted facilitator of workshops for youth. He brings out the best in each participant with his sincere, playful and joyful encouragement.”  ~ Gardenia K., Therapist

“Frank’s dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to the work he does is exceptional. He has a wonderful ability to reach out and connect with young people in a way that brings out the best in them. Frank is kind, compassionate, engaging, talented and gives 100% of himself to his work.” ~ Christie B.

“Frank has been a supportive and passionate community partner to the work of my organization and all of the schools we have served—especially their teachers, students and families. Frank has gone out of his way to adapt the program to the particular needs of our students each year and provide his support to our school. Besides making opportunities and resources available to us, he always offers conversation around our challenges and opportunities for growth as a school and as a staff. Lastly, Frank has consistently inspired our community with his passion. Our students ADORE him—his stories, his ability to help them see their positive potential, and his personal leadership—and he has been our most requested facilitator. We are lucky to have had Frank as a partner.” ~ Jennifer C., Community Advocate

Testimonials From Collaborators

“Frank Vitale is one of a kind! His dedication and enthusiasm spreads like wildfire, and he commands a presence with every room he enters. Working directly alongside Frank was a wonderful experience, and his leadership was commendable. What was most impressive was his ability to connect with the populations he served, even if he didn’t fit the mold (which made it even more impressive to witness) and the change he created in so many lives was easily observable.” ~ Chris Munch, Mental Wellness Innovator

“Frank worked with me for the Urban Fitness 911 program that help the men and women of Los Angeles Mission prepare for reentry into everyday life. He is very well versed in leadership skills, with the experience and wisdom to jump into difficult situations and create systems and stability for that particular environment. I found Frank a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him. He has a great attitude and wonderful enthusiasm! ~ Nina B.

“Frank is an excellent communicator, an amazing leader, and a passionate facilitator. He is deeply committed to supporting young people grow, learn and become compassionate leaders. Frank has the unique ability to work his way into the hearts of those around him. He is well loved and respected.” ~ Heather D.

“Frank has a natural and unique ability to skillfully connect with people regardless of age. Combining his joy, clarity, and wisdom defines his communication ability as a leader. ~ Dale Kitchell, Trainer/Facilitator

 “When I think of Frank, I think of a personable, empathic, thorough, thoughtful, charismatic coach, mentor and charismatic leader. He personally helped me grow as a facilitator and leader, and I witnessed him help to build, elevate, train, and facilitate amazing transformations of educational administrators, teachers, pre-teachers, teens, and college students. Frank is invaluable dedicated, and a phenomenal multitasker.”~ LaNell W., Business Developer and Youth Program Facilitator